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Who is Carolina Pride?

A leading Regional branded processor & distributor of meat protein products throughout the Southeast United States.

How long has Carolina Pride been producing food, and where is your food sold?

Carolina Pride was established in 1920 with active commerce in 14 states.

Where is the company located?

We are in Greenwood, South Carolina, and have been since 1920.

How large is your facility?

Carolina Pride operates a 256,000 square ft. facility located on 21 acres.

What certifications does Carolina Pride have?

We are a USDA Inspected, GFSI Certified Facility, SQF Level 2 facility.

What types of processing do you offer?

Stuffing, Smoking, Cooking, Slicing and Forming of meats.

What types of foods do you produce?

Bacon, Hot Dogs, Fresh Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Cocktail Sausage, and Lunchmeats.

What is your production capacity?

We have a production capacity of 67 million pounds annually.

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